Coffee Connections

Hello!  Welcome to my newest series where I sit down over coffee with a local wedding vendor from Northeast Wisconsin and chat about why they love weddings and what makes their business unique for brides and grooms.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming since you are making many decisions and with these conversations I will introduce you to the areas top vendors who will put their heart and soul into making your special day beautiful, fun and memorable for years to come.   

These vendors are all knowledgable, friendly and approachable professionals in their area of wedding expertise and nothing replaces a good old-fashioned conversation in person.  That know, like and trust factor is so important when spending your hard-earned money to plan your dream day and I encourage you to schedule a face-to-face meeting with all your vendors before booking them.  

My first wedding vendor I'd like to introduce is Jamie Cravillion of Nite Lights Entertainment.  He is DJ and owner with 25 years of wedding experience.  I have photographed weddings with Jamie and his team and I would say they are one of the best around!  And recently Jamie became my partner at my studio and I have to admit it's pretty cool sharing with a fellow wedding vendor.  We had a great conversation about the benefits of hiring a DJ and what his team has to offer to couples married here in Northeast WI.  The following four points will ensure your wedding is an all out celebration and party 'til it's lights out!


1.) Liaison for All Vendors

You are hiring several vendors to make your wedding day a successful celebration of your love and it's important they all communicate together.  Jamie says one of the crucial roles of a wedding DJ is to be that liaison for all the vendors.  "The bar is there to serve the drinks, the caterer is there to feed guests, the photographer is there to take pictures and the videographer takes the video...the DJ first and foremost has to be the liaison or manager of everybody. They're always the first to come in and the last to go home."  Well said Jamie, because I couldn't agree more!  In other words, your DJ is the emcee for the evening and keeps everything from dinner to dancing and bouquet toss right on time.  Your guests are eager to eat and party and oftentimes you could be charged an additional fee by the venue for not starting your dinner on time.  Now that's definitely not something you want right?!


2.) Variety of Music


Nothing gets the party started like the right beat of music and when the DJ hits play on "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, you can bet this photographer is definitely shaking her hips right beside the bride on the dance floor!  But not every song gets all the guests on the dance floor and so a great DJ will have a wide variety of music for couples to choose from.  "Twenty years ago we would buy two CD's a week; now we're downloading 200-300 songs a week because there's so many genres of music and when you go to a wedding everybody loves everything," says Jamie.  

3.) Expectation of Guests

"Clients don't hire us for our experience; they hire us for their experience."  I absolutely love this quote from Jamie because it's 100% true!  Guests typically expect a DJ for reception entertainment and a great DJ will keep a sizable crowd around until the very last song.  Jamie and his associates are true professionals when it comes to entertaining an audience at a wedding.  Sluggish crowd?  No problem!  "We do the "snowball" where we start with the bridal party and then they go out and grab people and bring people out...or we line up singles vs. singles with the Go Pro cameras and turn it into a big party and before they realize it, they're on the dance floor... One of our biggest compliments is that everybody had fun and nobody felt singled out."  Bottom line when you're guests are having a blast, the hard-earned money you spent on your celebration is money well spent when the party is still going strong at midnight instead of winding down by 9pm.  

4.) Uplighting


For an extra pop of wow factor in your reception photos, this is my number one recommendation for couples.  Many venues in Northeast Wisconsin are strictly designed for banquets and business conferences and they cater weddings on the weekends.  Their interior design isn't necessarily meant to be a beautiful backdrop for weddings so by choosing the uplighting by your DJ it adds a whole new gorgeous look and dimension to your atmosphere and your images.  "Uplighting changes the background and allows every picture of yours to be hides the ugly and paints a room without painting a room."   


I think these tips are very helpful and I hope you are inspired to hire the right DJ to turn your once-in-a-lifetime day into a big celebration you and your guests won't soon forget.  You can find Jamie on Facebook at Night Lights Entertainment or visit his website at  Thank you Jamie, for providing our future brides with your advice!