Friday Fun Five

My Weekly Top 5 Showcasing the Beauty of Everyday Life

I believe to fully appreciate and enjoy life means learning to love the little moments that happen everyday.  They may seem ordinary, but as the years pass by, those moments add up and become our special memories.  For moms, it could be letting their toddlers dump the chocolate chips into the cookie dough; for dads, it could be hand washing the cars in the summer with their kids.  So ordinary, but these scenarios comprise our memories both as parents and as children and when they are gone...they are gone forever.  We don't stay little and we don't stay young for very long in life.  For me, I've personally learned that to "slow down time" I need to completely unplug from all electronics at some point everyday, take a deep breath and simply enjoy watching the sunset, or truly being present with a friend or Luke, enjoying my coffee and the Bible in silence.  I want to stay off social media as much as possible so I stop playing the comparison game and appreciate the life I've been given.  

These thoughts have inspired me to start this new blog series entitled "Friday Fun Five" where I showcase five ordinary, but meaningful moments from my week that I'm thankful for.  The photos I share may not always be perfectly taken from my Nikon camera, but they will showcase special happenings from my week.  My intent is to share more of my life with readers and inspire others to slow down and create memories from the small moments in life.  What I share today will actually be from the last few weeks, but going forward I'll make it weekly moments.  So what do you say...let's kick this off!!!  



 1.) New Love

This photo will always be one of my's the first one Luke & I took together and although I had my heart set on a really nice image taken with my big Nikon, I will cherish it forever!  

My journey to love hasn't been easy.  Truthfully, even though I have accepted it, I will never understand why I had to wait until we were 35 years old to meet.  Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of time on our side when it comes to making major decisions, so I'm choosing to spend every spare minute with him and enjoying the little moments of laughter and fun. 

We've all heard it said a hundred times over that true happiness comes from within yourself, and I certainly don't disagree with that, but Luke has improved the quality of my life 100%. I can't really describe the loneliness of eating every single meal alone, going to bed alone every night, and having no companionship while watching your family and friends be happy.  I promise I'll never take one second with Luke for granted.


2.) 36 Years Young

The older I get, the more I appreciate my birthday.  The day itself is gift enough and I usually pause and reflect a little more because life is so fragile.  I know more young people that have passed on and to make it to 36 years with perfect health...well you can't beat that!

And just who are these crazy smiles?!  My birthday wouldn't be complete without seeing my best friend Keri and her husband and two boys.  She made me a healthy brownie recipe (it is possible I promise!) and they all sang happy birthday to me.  To make this picture even better, the shirt I'm wearing is my first gift from Luke.  I have a super weird attachment to clothes that I really like and once someone gives me something I treasure it forever.  Sorry, babe never taking this shirt off LOL!


3.) Last Winter Snowfall & Three Little Cuties

Honestly, I love really LOVE it, but I feel as if I didn't have winter I wouldn't truly appreciate the warmth of summertime.  One last blast of winter gave me another opportunity to capture the beautiful pine covered branches and these sweet little boys helping mom and dad shovel the driveway.  I've been living with my friend and her family for about a year and a half now, and I absolutely adore her boys.  Since I don't have my own, I've been able to partake in all the joys of childhood from trick-or-treating to birthdays to everyday moments like this-Laura works from home and this particular snow day she said get your behinds outside!


4.) Northeast WI Rising Tide Society

Since leaving my 9-5 job, this local group of creatives has been a great source of inspiration and friendships.  We met last Tuesday at Jenstar Yoga Studio in De Pere, WI.  We talked all things finance, which can be a scary topic for those who are self-employed, but important since we need to secure our futures.  No worries....we do talk about fun things too and there's usually a sweet treat as well!

                                                                                5.)Mommy & Me...My New Mini-Session Series

first autumn.png

With the arrival of spring, I'm excited to announce my new mini-session series, Mommy & Me!  It's in celebration of that unique bond between a mom and her littles, whether they are newborn or a big kid!  Grandma's and Grandpa's, Dad's and maybe even friends take note...this is a great gift for that special lady in your life.  She will cherish these images forever!  Details are still being set, but for more information please email me at

This session was recently inspired by my latest project.  I intend on writing a documentary book about moms of all goal is to take this on a national level to showcase the real moments of love and sacrifice moms make for their children.  While this is a generalized statement, in the day-to-day life of a family these moments can be lost.  I truly believe what society considers to be small things in the life of a mother, really add up in the eyes of her children as they grow older.  As my project builds, I'm excited to share more of my vision with my readers and as many moms as I can.  Stay tuned!

                                                                                                                                                                     Cheers to the weekend and those ordinary moments,