Friday Fun Five

My Weekly Top 5 Showcasing the Beauty of Everyday Life


These images may look random put together, but for me they all added up to a great week!  

1.) Palm Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday, Luke and I both attended mass at my church and service at his to celebrate Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week.  As I grow older, the meaning of this week seems more magnified and important than when I was a child.  It was hard to understand the why at a young age, but to remember the suffering of Jesus and celebrate his resurrection now, fills my faith with so much hope.  And to finally have a man respect me so much that he's willing to attend church with me is a blessing I'll never take for granted!

2.) Tax Day

My taxes are in and submitted with a nice return coming my way.  And my tax situation for 2018 isn't looking bad either!  All of this before April 17th...whew!  I can relax and breathe easy. Enough said!

3.)  New Side Gig

You guessed it, I started a new job this week with minimal hours as a way to better manage my time and earn a few extra bucks.  Even with the sweet discount, I do intend on bringing home a paycheck!  Just keep me out of the home goods aisles LOL!  But seriously, I'm already impressed with the company and store leaders.  This is one decision I feel very confident about!

4.) Burger Flippin' Season is Here!

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year and thank goodness we were graced with a little kiss of spring this week.  Luke decided we were having burgers on the grill for dinner...all I can say is I'm one lucky woman to finally have a hot man with a gas grill, sipping on beer while working his magic with the beef...LOL ladies that wasn't meant to sound dirty if you know what I mean!

5.) A Big Dose of Inspiration

Last night during a coaching call, my spirits were highly uplifted by this sparkly lady.  Kaela coaches entrepreneurs to be highly lucrative and happy in their lives, and she really helped me paint a situation in a better light.  The universe is simply a mirror of yourself...what you give is what you get.  She helped me put a little twist in my story and with a positive attitude, I'm looking forward to great things ahead!

Happy Easter, Everyone!