How Can I Be The Best Version of Myself?


Hello!  Thanks again for stopping by my blog again to read up on what I've laid out for my 2018 goals.  My overall number one goal for the entire year is to be the best version of myself possible and will use this phrase when making any decision big or small and especially when negative self-talk creeps in.  Would the best version of myself allow negative thoughts about ________ topic?  Definitely not!  It's from here along with my focus word of *organized* that inspired my top three goals for 2018.


Goal #1: Less Time Mindlessly Scrolling Social Media

You may think this is ironic since social media is crucial for my photography business, but there is a difference between writing intentional content and simply scrolling through Facebook and Instagram seeing what's in my feed.  Time is one of our most precious gifts in life and I don't want to look back and regret mindlessly wasting it.  If this is your goal too, I believe writing a to-do list will help you stay organized on a daily basis and focus your time on more productive activities.


Goal #2: Read, Write & Pray More Often

So what productive activities will I be doing with all my time not spent on social media?  Great question! First, I love to read mostly factual, educational books and would like to read and study more content on how to improve my photography skills and better serve my clients.  I also like anything health related.

Second, writing in my journal has always been something I enjoyed doing and it's really interesting going back to my childhood journals and comparing them to my journals now.  And sharing more of myself on social media this year really excites me because I'll be writing about things I love such as health and fitness, which in turn may inspire others.  Of course I'll be sharing lots of great client images too!  Overall, I know my mission in life is to make a positive difference to others and if I write one thing that positively changes someone or photograph a special moment in time for a client they will cherish forever, then everything I write or do will be worth it!

Third, spending time in prayer with God or just having a quiet moment of reflection is a great way to de-clutter your heart, your mind and your emotions.  I've focused more on this during the past year, but I know in 2018 I will need even more time with God.  Reflect on the people you spend time with and ask yourself if they are truly your closest friends.  Do they promote true happiness within you or do they promote feelings of unrestfulness and overall negative talk?  I beg you to let. these. people. go.  You only have time for those that truly love you and make a positive difference in your life.  Also, reflect on what you do in life and how you spend your money.  Buying more things won't buy you happiness.  Instead give a little extra to church or a charity and save as much for retirement and your rainy day fund as you can!

Goal #3: Save More Money


This can be a tricky topic for me as a business owner since there are many expenses involved, but by staying consistently organized I know it's possible.  For me, the grocery store is where I spend a ton of money with impulse buys, which aren't always the healthiest.  By keeping my refrigerator clean and organized, I'll know what food I already have and keeping a list will help me stay focused at the store.  Can anyone else relate?!

Organizing my clothes is another huge issue for me.  My goal is to figure out what can stay, what needs to go and how I can switch up outfits to make them look new again.  Other money saving goals include going to the library, drinking less coffee at coffee shops, less impulse buying at the gas station, and planning ahead and buying gifts year round when things are on sale.

That said, I wish you all the best in 2018!  I know we can make this a great year filled with more love and peace within ourselves, our families and throughout the world.

Cheers to the New Year!