Investing in the Best Wedding Photographer for You


Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is well…like finding “the one!”  They are the whole package deal wrapped into one.

When searching for a photographer to capture your wedding day, you aren’t just investing in a stale, typical service such as ordering a burger from your favorite fast food restaurant.  You are investing in someone you will remember for a lifetime as the one who not only documented your wedding day, but the one who captured the pure joy and love between you as a couple.  You’ve dreamed of this moment all your life and it’s so worth choosing the right photographer to be with you on your wedding journey!

I’m sharing some key points for brides and grooms to-be, that I believe are super important to look for in a wedding photographer.

1.) Personality

First impressions are everything and right away your instincts will tell you a lot.  If they greet you at a consultation dressed professionally and greet you with a big smile and firm handshake, take note!  That means they likely have a fun personality and strong leadership skills, both which are very important to see in your photographer.  They will be working closely with not only you, but your bridal party and families, so being personable is important.  Your photographer is also the vendor who sets the pace and keeps you on schedule the whole day.  They should provide you with a timeline guideline early on in the planning process and have a more detailed list to discuss in your final meeting about a month before your wedding.  Basically, they will know how to best lead you so your wedding is timely, successful and tons of fun!


2.) Time Management

On that note, why is time management so important for your wedding day?  As a wedding photographer, my number one goal is to not only capture all the images necessary to document your day, but to make sure you have as much time as possible with family and friends.  You have invested quite a bit in your celebration, you deserve time to enjoy it!  Your guests likely traveled from near and far and want to chat with you and admire you in your fancy attire.  The quicker we can accomplish your photos, the faster you can enjoy a cold beverage with your guests!


3.) Posing

The right photographer for you will definitely know how to best capture your personalities and make you feel comfortable on camera.  When you first open your engagement and wedding images, you should LOVE them, not just be okay with them!  Really study a photographer’s style and communicate what angles you prefer to be photographed at.  I’m here to photograph you in a way that makes you feel comfortable.  That’s also why I encourage couples to take advantage of their complimentary engagement session.  That way you know what to expect on your wedding day.


4.) Lighting Skills

Lighting is so critical for creating a great photo.  Mastering natural, outdoor lighting is fairly simple with a little education, but indoor lighting is where your photos can either fall flat or have a magical sparkle.  You guessed it…the right photographer for you will know how to capture that sparkle!  That is why you’ll see me walk into a wedding lugging a big bin.  It holds the equipment needed for all the photo magic!


My biggest advice is to ask a photographer to see examples of their portraits of families after the ceremony and at the reception.  Look to see if they feature uplighting around the room and the DJ lights during dancing and if they have soft lighting of people during dinner.  While not every image will be perfect, you’ll get a feel for professional vs. amateur images.

I sincerely want you to find “the one.”  That special photographer who will perfectly capture your wedding images.  When asking about pricing and features in a photographer’s wedding collections, please keep these key points in mind.  When the day has passed and the years fade by, your images will keep those memories alive.  The right photographer is so worth the investment!