4th of July Wedding

This day.  One of the BEST days of my entire summer!!!  I am so blessed to have all these chances to witness love throughout the year, and Sarah & Derrick’s day was no exception!  Family and friends gathered for the ceremony at the sweet, uniquely A-framed family cabin tucked away in Shawano County.  Surrounded by all the love and the scent of pines and pending rainfall, Sarah and Derrick promised to love one another for a lifetime after nearly ten years together.  To make this 4th of July themed wedding even more special, they celebrated with their one-year-old daughter, Liberty!  Mix in several apple pie shots, a pontoon ride across the lake, a pig roast for dinner and a nightcap of fireworks and Sarah & Derrick had the most perfect day!

-Cheers to a lifetime of happiness you two!